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Your Journey starts here.

This program is designed to dive deep into

• Exponential Technologies (AI, Spatial Computing, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing)

• Autonomous Decisionmaking (Mobility, Construction, Retail, Health)

• AI Strategies (AI on your Org-Chart)

With a focus on

• Automotive

• Life-Sciences (Health/Medical Innovation)

• Energy

• Financial Services / FinTech

• Retail

The Anatomy of this experience

The Design of the program

• Daily Exponential Briefings

• 4-5 in-person meetings, talks & interview per day

• personal intro-email to every speaker

• Executive Summary of every meeting

• Playbook of Innovation: Individualized summary and possible action items for every participant.

• Certificate of participation


Our Flagship Experience since 2012. Explore the hotbed of innovation. The San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, East Bay, Silicon Valley) is home to some of the world's most impactful organizations – and birthplace to a next generation of technology, challenging our society and impacting every industry from education to construction, from health to mobility, from money to energy.

New York • London • Helsinki • Tel Aviv • Dubai • Mumbai • Singapore • Hong Kong – You name it. Exploring the world of innovation broadens your spectrum, your personal network and the range of opportunities that lie ahead. 

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Why Silicon Valley?

San Francisco is a "smash and boom"-city. While a lot of people might experience San Francisco on a downpath, the innovation community is vibrant. Cerebral Valley is the name of a newborn community of software engineers who have populated hundreds of hackerhouses to architect the next generation data-companies.

The City of Awe

When exposed to the updates from the San Francisco Bay Area, the usual response is equally weighted in worry and excitement – which are exactly the incredients of Awe. Into a future with curiosity and respect.
Wouldn't you want to know?

The Money-Can't-Buy-Experience

We will connect you with people working on future scenarios of your industry or on technology that will possibly impact the future of your industry. You will talk to senior leaders, TED Speakers, Stanford Professors, successful Venture Capitalists and more. 


You know how people go to conferences –

and the day after the conference

looks exactly like the day before the conference.

What is it then?

An intellectual buffet?

We think these are amazing. But what is even more exciting is an experience that you can scale in your organization. Just think about it: you might consider sending your leadership team to a 5 days factfinding mission to SIlicon Valley or any other hotbed of innovation.

Most of the people in your team, will not have had the experience.

The big question: now what? needs to be answered. Here is how.

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Be right. A lot

The big question that is looking for an answer is: "What needs to be done right now – and how can we align this with the grand vision of the future in our business?" The stretch is complex and requires trust. Trust that the decisions you are making are probably right (even if your team do not understand them at the time). To gain this level of trust, you have to be right, a lot. The difference between people with a strong opinion and people who are actually right is the fact that the latter are informed on a level, no one else is: the more you are familiar with different hypothesis about the future, the more it is likely that you are actually: Right. A. Lot.

This is what this program is designed for.


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What are the most relevant topics/technologies for you?

The Five People You Should Talk To

In November 2012, the co-founder, Niki Skene, was invited to pitch a business idea in Silicon Valley. The Austrian—familiar with the culture of resistance (5 reasons why you will fail)—met 5 great individuals, and each of them connected Niki with more people (5 people you should talk to to get smarter in your space). At the end of the week, Niki met 21 individuals in Silicon Valley and radically pivoted his business idea: "This is what I want to do for people: give them the exact same experience I just had." Together with Mario Herger, they founded Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours (Today: Conference on Wheels).

In 2018, the program expanded to "Global Inspiration Tours" in New York, London, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Mumbai, and Hong Kong/Shenzhen. About 200 tours and over 2500 participants later, the "Inspiration Tours" graduated to a next-level experience with custom curation, AI-generated executive summaries, "the world's most relevant futurist" (Forbes) co-host Jonathan Brill—and in full swing to keep on elevating leaders, founders, business consultants, and individuals who are on their next professional chapter.

"This week has changed my life"—many participants in the past have expressed the magnitude of this experience—which has become the standard for this program: we want to be known as the guys who change the lives of ten people, every week.

Niki Skene
Mario Herger
Jonathan Brill
Florian Brody


Curator & Co-Founder



Jonathan BRILL


Florian BRODY



Anything we forgot to mention? Shame on us! Let us know and we will get back to you faster than the speed of light.

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