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Quentin Wilson

Thanks, Niki, for this amazing Silicon Valley experience. I learned much about past and future innovations and what they might mean to the challenges facing the world.

Robert Mayer

I‘ve heard a lot about The Valley mindset, but it was great to experience it for myself! Thx to Niki for being such a nice host!

Claudia Haas

One of the best decisions in my life. Eye-opening ~ Future oriented ~ Great people.

Mathias Haas

I was one of the lucky ones to be part of the first Future Tours and for many years I haver been benefitting from the knowledge and inspiration, as well as from the community and network. You can expect wow-, aha- and no-way moments shaking your beliefs and views. Uncomfortable truths, exponential mindset, lean and unlearn, questioning everything, stepping out of comfort zones and entering new ones: all this is part of the tour which you should not miss and will never forget.

Alexander Wrabetz

In only a few days, you gain a deep insight in the mindset and culture of companies in the Valley. From big player to Start-up. How they are innovative, how they think and work. Every executive should make this experience. (Foto: ORF)

Marion Korherr

It only takes 0.001 seconds to get inspired about your next big thing. Image you have 5 full days of deep inspiration in the very heart of the next-big-thing-superpower area, the Silicon Valley. It was not only an inspiration but the start for a transformation.

Dietmar Reindl

Nikis Silicon Valley Tour has found an exciting way of steering into a real loss: the loss of the perception that everything that happens in the Valley and how it does, does not affect our understanding of running a company and that we can just keep on doing the same thing. Thank you for the insight into a different way of working, solving problems and being an entrepreneur. (Foto: Immofinanz)

Kat Haber

SVIT connected my imagination to the reality of the pace, perspective, and opportunities that are Silicon Valley. If wonder is the place from which you launch next initiatives, then experiencing this hotbed of 21st Century innovation with Niki is a must be/do/have!

Agustina Fainguersch

It is a game changing trip! You will not only learn about the latest great trend in startups and technology but also will find inspiration to do new things in your own life!

Frank Cancelloni

For PVH there was really a before and after the innovation tour – and you were the one who inspired us.

Erika Kleestorfer

It was a great week with so many different impressions, ideas, inspiration & wonderul people. It was the diversity of people (participants) as well as the organizations & people we could talk to. Niki - you are an amazing person. Like your generosity, warmth, depth and openness to share, inspire & connect.

Thomas Schütz

These days were amazing … Every minute … hour …day … new impressions which keeping you thinking what is happening … Things are all moving insanely fast … Inspire you to be an active part of this journey … Thanks exciting time

Beatrice Leeb

The tour showed me a lot of new perspectives not only for my work, but for my life. We met great people and had an amazing time that never had come up, if Niki wouldn´t have been there as a perfect, authentic and reflected guide and personality! I will never forget about the time, people and insights of Silicon Valley and hopefully I will keep the gained spirit.

Elisabeth Römer-Russwurm

Was part of our first companay tour to Silicon Valley. It was amazing and very inspiring. All leanings had a direct influence on our subsequent innovation activities. Other tours will follow, for sure!“

Andreas Gnesda

This Silicon Valley Tour was a huge enrichment for me. What impressed me the most was how instantly we dived into the lifestyle of the SV. I could really feel and live this spirit. I took a lot from this week and already turned some insight into action.

Gerhard Friedrich

A real insider-tour through Silicon Valley - off the beaten tracks. Personal interaction with inspiring people, who have their own track record in the valley. And ongoing, personal support from the tour operator.

Andy Nimiya

It is 10 point score for myself. But most of my friend cannot satisfy as much as I do. Since there is right time and right visit and right group, and without language problem. I am so lucky that I got all. It was far over my expectation and great experience ever. I definitly recommend to my friend.

Robin Lumsden

An outstanding and pragmatic kind of meeting industries in the Silicon Valley. Charming organization.

Cornelia Mayer

Diving deep into the world of the Silicon Valley has opened complete new perspectives for me. A week rich of new experiences, connections and a lot of fun - the team has organized a great tour and a once-in-a-lifetime-experience!

Attila Szigeti

Spent 2 amazing weeks in Silicon Valley with @siliconvalleyinspirationtours, kept me going for a whole year and opened new horizons

Ruta Kruliauskaite

SVIT is an awesome opportunity to get behind big things happening in Silicon Valley. Had such a great time!

Paul Friedrich

As an SAP entrepreneur beeing part of the first SVIT introduced me to the spirit of the Silicon Valley and its startup scene. What makes this trip a game-changer is a mix of great personalities (e.g. Markus Wagner) and getting in touch with great companies. My personal highlights have been the SAP Labs in Palo Alto, Makani (Google X project), Flextronics and of course Nanosatisfy/SPIRE with the great Peter Platzer.

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